Revehō DLG

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A travel guitar without compromises

The Revehō DLG is a new take on the travel guitar, thanks to today’s technologies. It allows maximum transportability with a compact shape while traveling as well as the ergonomy of your standard guitar when assembled.

Each sub-system has been brought up do date with state of the art technology and a design fitting today’s world.


The Revehō DLG can fit in a bag the size of a laptop.


One role for each section.


Embedded amp and speakers enable you to play anywhere.

More versatile than your standard guitar

The Revehō DLG is more durable than your standard guitar thanks to easy transportation when disassembled.

Its embedded amp and sound processing system also makes it even more versatile and convenient and allow it to fully substitute any guitar.

Sound processing

Thanks to embedded systems, add audio effects and change your sound without the need of external modules.

String storage

Strings are safely stored when the guitar is in its case.


Playability is ensured by the 25.5" scale length and improved ergonomy.

Limitless Options

We made the Revehō DLG both collapsible and modular. A unique option is assigned to each guitar part. This option can be swapped for another part with different performances or audio signature.

Swappable pickups

Thanks to standard-size pickups, swap between any pickup style you like at any time.

Local woods

Our eco-friendly high quality wood is sourced locally with better traceability.


Each aspect and characteristics can be customized to your likings.



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co-founder CEO
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co-founder CTO
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