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Meet the slite


The Revehō slite makes traveling with a cumbersome guitar easier. Its modular and collapsible design allows it to fit inside a compact case. Its full scale design also preserves the ergonomics and playability of your traditional guitar.

Fully collapsible

Each sub-system has been brought up do date with state of the art technology and a design fit for today’s world.


  • 20s assembly time.
  • Little to no re-tuning needed.
  • Full scale 25.5".
  • Collapsible design.
  • 24 frets.
  • Swappable pickups.
  • Built-in amp&effects.
  • Mechanism inspired by the most durable products.
  • 5 years in development.


  • slite basic : collapsible electric guitar with swappable pickups and preamp.
  • slite quiet : basic configuration + headphones amp.
  • slite loud : quiet configuration + amp and speakers.



The team


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