Starting at €2199 approx. $2449
Pre-order from €1549 approx. $1709
Starting at €2199
approx. $2449
Pre-order from €1549
approx. $1709



Play guitar anywhere

Meet the slite


The Revehō slite makes traveling with a cumbersome guitar easier. Its modular and collapsible design allows it to fit inside a compact case. Its full scale design also preserves the ergonomics and playability of your traditional guitar.

Modular design

Each sub-system has been brought up do date with state of the art technology and a design fit for today’s world.


  • Built-in preamp.
  • On board effects.
  • USB-C connectivity.
  • Standard jack output.
  • Usable without power.

Play in seconds

Quickly assemble and disassemble your guitar with the flick of a lever and play with little to no re-tuning.

  • String tensionning system.
  • 20s assembly time.
  • Little to no re-tuning needed.
  • Swappable pickups.
  • Aluminium core.
  • Individual fully-adjustable bridges.

Powered-up guitar

Play anywhere and as loud or quiet as you like with the optionnal built-in amp and speakers or the optionnal on-board headphone amp.


  • Built-in amp.
  • 15W of power.
  • 6h autonomy.
  • Headphones output.

Fully collapsible

The two part neck is no compromise for quality with its seamless design, adjustable trussrod and reinforcement rods.


  • Full scale 25.5".
  • 24 frets.
  • Adjustable truss rod.
  • Reinforcement steel rods.
  • Continuous wood grain.



They talk about us

The team behind Reveho


1What is the slite made of ?
Like any regular guitar, the slite has a wooden neck, to keep the touch and feel everyone got used to. The body of the guitar is made out of plastic shells for solidity, stability over time, and to keep the weight reasonable for the same sound quality. In the central part, a wooden spine keeps a tight junction between the neck and the body. Finally, the metallic junctions allow for durability and sustain.
2Do I need to re-tune my slite after assembly ?
The mechanism that puts the strings under tension allows to put back each piece of the guitar at the same place as before it has been taken apart. Consequently, only temperature and humidity variations have an influence on the tuning, and the slite does not require more re-tuning than a regular guitar.
3Where will the slite be made ?
The slite will be built in Europe and assembled in France to ensure the best manufacturing quality.
4When will the slite be available ?
The pre-orders will start on the 9th of September 2020, on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.
5What is Kickstarter ?
Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, which allows to raise money from actual people, with counterparts depending on the amount given. We will be doing pre-sales at a discounted price through Kickstarter, which will allow us to adjust the industrialization process, to fit the demand as close as possible. Afterwards, the backers will receive the guitar within a 1 year period.
6Are other models (bass, left-handed, …) planned ?
Other models are not excluded but we wish to bring the slite where we want it to be before planning anything else.
7What can I expect of the future of Reveho ?
We have big plans for the future, whether it is for the slite, guitar making in general or the field of musical instruments as a whole. But you can expect a big ecosystem of modules and functionalities built around the slite for a first step.

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